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Your penis is made up of three main veins or chambers. The two larger chambers run along the top of the penis and are called the Corpora Cavernosa. A third and smaller chamber called the Corpus Spongiosum, runs directly below the Corpora Cavernosa.

Your erections size is limited by the amount of blood these chambers can hold. This is because your penis uses blood pressure to become hard through basic hydraulics, and this is why your penis size is directly limited by the size of these three chambers.

The secret to enlarging your penis, is to use exercises that naturally encourage more blood flow and increase the size of these 3 chambers allowing it to hold more blood. As your penis can hold more blood it will give your a bigger and bigger erection!

The Penis Professor does this by showing you with videos, how to use a modern blend of time tested penis enlargement techniques, modern medicine, and proven supplements. The result is to greatly increase the amount of blood your penis can hold in these chambers, giving you a LONGER, THICKER, MORE SOLID ERECTION!


The Penis Professors time tested techniques will greatly improve the size and strength of your erection, and your sexual performance in the bedroom... Not only are the gains you achieve with ThePenisProfessor permanent, but most grow twice as fast with our program over other methods!


Not only are the gains you achieve with ThePenisProfessor permanent, Men grow much faster with us then other meathods.


We have added foreskin restoration exercises to help our clients deal with stretch marks on their penis caused by rapid length gains! Please remember to try and keep growth to less then an inch and a half a month to save your self the extra work.


The Penis Professor is the only site on the web that uses easy video instructions for all of its penis exercises, we can show you how to naturally increase your erection size in a safe way that millions have already used.

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Men using our program solo and some with our exclusive personal trainer's guidance, showed us picture proof that they have grown between 1 to 2 inches of growth within this first 2 Months! We don't just claim but KNOW you'll get permanent gains, you can see these results for your self in our testimonial page and later with your own penis! If for some reason this doesn't happen tell us what your doing and we will gladly try to help you out. Remember, you have 8 weeks to use our product and still get a full refund with no questioned asked, we are that sure it will work for you!


Many report a gain in flaccid or non-erect length within a few days, and erect length and girth gains starting week 3 or 4! So try our secret approach, and you are not happy, in any way, we'll refund your money in full!

With a 96% satisfaction rate* most of our clients talk of increased Sexual ability in the bed room, their girlfriends or wives lusting after them for sex, and that their Longer, Thicker, and Heavier Erection has improved their lives in ever way!

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Our research team and personal trainers are constantly searching out new and safe natural techniques, which will help to make your penis grow longer and thicker permanently! Only after we perfect a technique will we release it to our clients!

Learn how to do a "male kegel" to strengthen your erection and naturally regain your ability to grow hard curing erectile dysfunction! How to have multiple male orgasms in one sexual meeting, how to cum and stay hard so you can have sex till she can't take it any more.

This is the secret that leads to 2 or 3 girls wanting YOU as their sex partner and being OK with the other girls in your life. Women after all need great sex and if your to much of a "man" for them, most will throw their girl friends at you to keep you sexually happy, and with them rather then risk losing you!


It is a proven fact that humans of all the mammals have the largest penis for their size, as women chose their mates in the past by penis size! It is a direct display of your virility and worthiness to most women, and increasing your size will also naturally increase your confidence and social standing.


Save time with targeted gains, be it length, girth, head size, curvature or twist. We can even help you make the base, middle or tip of your shaft thicker!

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