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Will The Penis Professors all natural exercise program help me?

YES! Statistically The Penis Professor program works 96% of the time! The only men who have trouble with our program, cannot speak or read English, have very poor health or penile implants.

Is their an Age Requirement?
As long as you are 18 or older or have stopped growing you are good to join. There is no upper age limit however, so long as you can get even a mild erection you can use our program to make it longer, stronger, and harder!

What is a Good Penis Size?
Eight inches of length and 6 inches around in girth is a good "first stopping point", from here your lovers, and your tastes will help you know when to grow bigger.

How Safe is The Penis Professor?
Very safe! So long as you follow our instructions and do what is comfortable, you will have no problems what so ever. We go so far as to give you HQ videos for every penis exercise and stretch. So you will know what to do, making every exercise Easy and Safe. To date we have had no complaints of any kind about safety! This is because Doctors have been known to recommend many of our exercises! For example, some men have Erectile Dysfunction, or bladder control issues, we even have exercises that can strengthen you prostate to give you back control of both! All you have to do is learn how to increase the fitness and health of your prostate gland!

How will I know when this is working?
During a Work out it is important for your penis to feel uncomfortable, when it feels good your just pleasuring yourself, and if it hurts your being to aggressive. If your penis feels sore and erections hurt, but in a way that feels... Sore, like your erection is to strong to be contained by your penis, then you know your work outs are working very well.

Are the Workouts Easy?
We have just added over 30 NEW exclusive online videos of the main exercises making learning even easier!But in the end all you need is two hands and a little time to start growing longer today!

Can I have Sex or Masturbate when using The Penis Professor?
Yes, as much as you want, it will not effect your growth in any negative way.

What do I need to view your members area?
If the videos on the main page work, then you have everything you need to view everything in our members area. We support all web browsers, but you will need to enable cookies to log in.

Will anything be shipped to my home?
No! Our program is 100% online which enables us to update the videos frequently, give you instant access and keeping you up to date with all the exciting new techniques. We support Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and any other major browser. The Penis Professor is also Mobile Friendly, so you can access the guide from wherever you are at any time.

What are the results?
A Longer, Thicker and Harder erection is what most men get, you can also correct penis twist and curvature issues, make different parts of your shaft thicker and even enlarge your testicles. This program is built to be customized to what you need. Naturally this will also boost your sexual ability, confidence and self esteem, and the real beauty is these gains and improvements are permanent.

When will I see results?
The Average is flaccid gains inside of 2 weeks, erect gains inside of 4, but every one is different, The reason we give you an 8-week money-back guarantee is so you know you have time to figure out what will work best for you with no risk!

What support do you give to your clients?
We have a 24-hour 365 days a year E-mail supportline to put you in touch with sympathetic people who had your problem, used our program themselves and work to answer your questions and help you! And we know how frustrating this can be, that's why we answer all questions within 24 hours and often we are much faster!

Is it Really just a one time Fee?
The price you see is the price you pay and you will never be billed a second time or forced to by anything else. Everything you need is included in our members only area, and all future updates are free for our members.

Are my Results Guaranteed?
YES, we offer an 8-week no questions asked, full money-back guarantee! We stand behind our product because we know it will work for you. If you do not see the growth you want we will refund every last cent.

How do you Protect my Privacy?
Your information is kept safe and secure with, you will never be sent anything through the mail and your card will be billed as "PayPal*PProfessor"
So nobody will know your secret unless you wish to tell them.

Do you mail your clients anything?
No. Our product is 100% online and by keeping it that we can protect your privacy, nothing will be shipped to you nor will we ever call you.

Can I join the Penis Professor from outside the USA?
Yes, but please remember our program is only in English currently, if you have a credit card then we will simply convert your currency into US dollars at today's exchange rate.

Do you take Credit Card, E-Checks and Paypal?
Yes, Yes, and Yes.

Once I order, how long until I get access to the Members Area? As soon as your payment is processed you will be taken to web page generated just for you, there you can make a username, and be emailed your password, and start working on your penis and your erections today!

My area blocks access to this site, what do I do?
Simply use a site like to get around the internet block.

What if I can't log in to the members area?
First you must enable "session cookies" in your internet web browser. If "Session Cookies' are already enabled, try to update your Internet Web Browser, and turn your pc or phone off and then back on. Now your Internet Web Browser is up to date and you can log in to our site.

I don't think I can grow my penis!
This is a very common misconception, people are of the false idea that penis size is fixed from birth, and that isn't the case! Our program will teach you how to use basic anatomical principles of growth to let you naturally grow a bigger penis.

Remember, we give you a 8 week no questions asked full money back guarantee because we know we can prove, that you can grow you penis!

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